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Pet Nutrition Tips for Your Pets Health

Health deteriorates without a balanced diet. According to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, the other organ systems’ ability to function properly depends on the spleen’s ability to digest food well. Without a healthy diet, the kidneys are unable to produce and sustain life essence. Without sufficient moisture, the lung system cannot do its duty of delivering nutrients throughout the body. The liver is in charge of cleaning the body; if poor-quality, contaminated nutrients are given out, it will have to work harder.

Pet Food

A good nutrition will keep your pet in good health.

Not all pet owners have simple access to premium food produced by compassionate businesses. Although it is ideal to solely feed organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, free of antibiotics and hormones, non-GMO foods, this is just not always practical. Sadly, the rise of social media has made it far too simple for well-intentioned proponents of high-quality pet nutrition to overwhelm pet owners who continue to feed pet food bought at the neighborhood grocery shop with overwhelming advice.

Financial restrictions prevent some pet owners from providing their animals with the best diet possible. Product accessibility could be a barrier for some people. Many pet owners find it unsettling to handle and feed their animals raw meat, and some are unable to do so due to restrictions imposed by pet therapy, boarding, veterinarian, or training facilities.

What You Can Do

Despite these limitations, it is still possible to enhance any pet’s diet. Pet health can be significantly improved by feeding even a modest amount of whole foods, such as lean meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Simple components have been demonstrated to combat cancer and enhance intestinal health. Pet health and longevity can be increased by including one or two whole food meals per week or by preparing a healthy topping to add to processed food.

Some power foods that can be added to your dogs daily diets are:

  • Egg
  • Pumpkin
  • Chopped Kale
  • Canned Sardines in water

Have specific needs for your pet? Reach out to us at The Pet Farmacy, and we can help your pet stay happy and healthy!

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