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SILVERDOG Real Salmon Chews

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Formulated by Dr Robert J. Silver, SILVERDOG chews contain the same potent blend of CBD and CBG as The Silver Bullet and Sterling Silver pet products, in a tasty and healthy  chew containing real salmon meal. A definite improvement over the HempRx Canine Soft Chews by RxVitamins, with twice the CBD per chew plus  additional CBG at a much lower price. Dr Silver formulated the entire line of RxVitamins products, and now is launching his own branded line of professional veterinarian quality supplements for you, the “Pet Parent”.

This new brand, “Doc Silver Naturals” will be your pet’s guide to a healthy life. I’ve started formulating improved CBD products: First the tinctures, now we have the chews, and finally capsules.

In addition to containing Broad Spectrum CBD oil, this potent formulation also contains CBG (cannabigerol), which, like THC and CBD, is a type of cannabinoid molecule found in the cannabis plant. CBG does not have intoxicating properties like THC (none of that in this product, BTW) but shares some of THC’s properties. CBG is an even better COX 2 inhibitor than CBD based on several published bench top studies, although this has not been verified in vivo. With the addition of 1 part of CBG to each 2 parts of CBD, Dr Silver has instantly increased this supplement’s potency for your pet so that your cost is less pennies per milligram of CBD.

The palatability of these soft chews is unsurpassed, so much so that you will find your dog asking for more each time.

If you had been using the HempRx Soft Chews for your dog, then this formula will substitute seamlessly as well as being able to use less to achieve the same results. (Your dog won’t be very happy to get fewer, but your pocketbook will smile.

These chews, unlike the tinctures do not need to be given with food for optimal absorption and blood levels, in that the food is combined with each dosage unit for your dog.

Refer to the How Much to Give and the Administration Guide below for a weight-based approach to determining how many to give at a time twice daily.


Serving Size: 1 soft chew (4.5 grams)

Servings per bottle: 60

Total CBD per bottle: 360 mg

Total CBG per bottle: 180 mg

Total cannabinoids per bottle: 540 CBD+CBG

Active Ingredients/soft chew:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD)…………………………….6 mg
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)…………………………..3 mg
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)…………………0 mg
  • TOTAL Cannabinoids…………………………..9 mg

Inactive Ingredients/soft chew

Arabic gum, brewer’s yeast, buffered white distilled vinegar, guar gum, hemp protein powder (organic), Norwegian salmon oil (unrefined fresh), salmon meal (partially hydrolyzed salmon protein), rosemary extract, sunflower lecithin (GMO-free), sweet potato powder (GMO-free), tapioca powder, vegetable glycerin.


Soft chews are simple to give, your dog will love them. You can give them away from meals if that works best, or 20 minutes or so before each meal, twice daily. Studies show that soft chews can enhance blood levels by 4-8 times, so you will get good effect for your pooch with these chews, and they will love you for it.


Each soft chew contains 6 mg of CBD and 3 mg of CBG.


A safe and effective starting dose would be 1 soft chew for each 25 pounds of body weight twice daily. No problem to cut these in halves or thirds if your pet weighs less than 25 pounds or is greater than 25 pounds but not a multiple of 25 pounds. Exact dosing by weight isn’t necessary as there is a wide range of effectiveness even if the dose to weight is not exact.

Some dogs may need a higher dose, and some might need a lower dose, so starting with this dose is good for 10 days or 2 weeks to see if the dose will work for your dog. If after 10-14 days you are not seeing the response you would like, my suggestion is to double the dose and try for another week to see if that increase will help. You can safely double the dose a third time. Pets who need higher doses often have severe pain issues and may be on other drugs already for this, or may have other conditions like epilepsy or cancer that typically we find need more substantial doses for an improved clinical response.

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